Umbrella Insurance in Minnesota

Umbrella Insurance with ISP

In today's litigious society, insurance coverage that goes beyond the limitations of standard policies is a necessity for individuals and businesses alike. At ISP, located in Lake Crystal & Madelia, MN, we understand this reality and offer comprehensive umbrella insurance policies designed to safeguard you from large liability claims that exceed the limits of your primary policies.

Our umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of protection by kicking in where your existing insurance policies cap off. This additional coverage protects your assets and future earnings from potential lawsuits and severe liability claims. With ISP, you can ensure your hard-earned assets and peace of mind are well-protected.

How Our Umbrella Insurance Policies Can Benefit You

  • Extra Liability Coverage: Our policy covers you if you're sued for damages caused to others' property or injuries.
  • Covers Legal Costs: It can be used to pay your defense charges and attorney fees associated with claims against you.
  • Worldwide Coverage: Regardless of where in the world an incident occurs, our policy covers you.

Our knowledgeable team is here to assist and guide you through the nuances of umbrella insurance, ensuring you understand the policies and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Price is an important factor, especially when seeking additional insurance policies. That's why we carefully compare quotes to promise and deliver the best rates for your umbrella insurance plan.

Ready for Extra Protection with Umbrella Insurance?

Safeguard your peace of mind by extending your protection beyond the usual limits. Contact ISP for all your umbrella insurance needs or questions. Don't leave your future to chance; secure it with us today. Let's equip you with the right coverage because you deserve it! Reach out to us today!